Grant Writing

  • Research new funding opportunities in a variety of databases
  • Project management
  • Develop goals and strategies
  • Collaborate on budget development
  • Conceptualize project sustainability
  • Write grant
  • Professional grant proposal
  • Refine an existing grant for submission
  • Repurpose an unawarded grant
  • Generate budgets and annual fund-raising goals

Business Development

  • Assist non-educational institutions navigate educational initiatives
  • Design training programs and assist with curriculum development
  • Facilitate formation of scholarship endowments
  • Create registered apprenticeship programs
  • Develop internship pathways
  • Lead Ideation sessions for employees


  • Edit / Refine grants and other business documents
  • Format documents
  • Edit for readability and user friendliness

Dr. Holley has a sharp eye for quality and is quick to point out the best elements of projects.
— Bobby R, Colleague