Holley GrantWriters offer clients a boutique experience to obtain funding through federal, state, and local grants.

Our clients can expect…

  • personalized attention
  • guided and efficient project management
  • clearly written proposals
  • commitment to your success

Grant Writing

  • researching new funding opportunities with a variety of databases
  • managing projects
  • developing goals and strategies
  • collaborating on budget development
  • conceptualizing project sustainability
  • writing the grant
  • producing a quality grant proposal

Grant Rewriting

  • refining an existing grant for submission
  • repurposing an unawarded grant


  • copy editing business documents
  • editing for readability and user-friendliness
  • formatting

Fund Raising Budget Development

  • generating annual fundraising goals
  • generating grant budget
  • coordinating grant budget with fundraising goals for well-developed plan

Training and Development

  • designing training programs and assisting with curriculum development
  • facilitating formation of scholarship endowments
  • creating registered apprenticeship programs
  • developing internship pathways
  • leading Ideation sessions for employees